Packages and prices –

Q: How do I customise your packages to suit me?

A: Select the package which suits your needs as closely as possible. Then just add anything extra you need from our Price List to come up with a package with everything you need! You can also email us with a list of your requirements and we will do the calculations for you.


Q: What if I don’t need some of the items included in the package I choose?

A: We will substitute them for something you do require or simply deduct them


Q: What if I want something that is not on your price list?

A: To get a price on something non- standard for your wedding, just give us a call or email us with your ideas and we will give you a price. Alternatively, we can discuss your ideas more in detail during your appointment with us.


Q: Can I change my order once it i placed?

A: Of course you can! Change anything you need to- flowers, colours, styles, numbers, delivery addresses etc………your day, your order! Orders must be confirmed no later than one month prior to your actual wedding date.


Bouquet Questions –


Q: What is a natural stemmed posy bouquet?

A: One which still has it’s stems in it. Examples of natural stemmed bouquets are circular posies and clustered posies. The stems are bound with ribbon and that’s what you actually hold onto. Most bouquets are done this way.


Q: what is a wired bouquet?

A: One which has individually wired flower and leaves- no stems. Examples of wired bouquets are teardrop, cascade and trailing bouquets. In a wired bouquet all the wires are bound together to form a handle for you to hold.


Q: Why aren’t all bouquets natural stemmed?

A: Some bouquets needs to be wired to get the desired shape, such as teardrop or cascade and just cannot be achieved on natural stems.


Q: How big are the bouquets?

A: Large – 28cm in diameter

Medium: 23cm in diameter

Small: 18cm in diameter

Petite: 15cm in diameter

Q: What size bouquets are included in the packages?

A:  Packages include the brides bouquet as a medium sized posy bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets as a small sized posy bouquet for a minimal cost.You can simply upgrade the size of your bouquets if you would like them to be larger.


Q: Do you provide the ribbons and pins or crystal embellishments to finish off my bouquet?

A: Yes, we do in any style or colour of your choice.


Appointment Questions-

Q: Can I meet with someone to discuss my requirements?

A: Yes, of course! Your first one hour appointment is complimentary.  We are always available on email and phone should you need to discuss your order with us


Q: Can I book before I actually meet with you?

A: Certainly. This way you can be sure to have flowers booked in and not take the risk of us being booked for your wedding date.


Q: Are appointments necessary?

A: Not at all. many people choose not to meet with us at all. we can organise your wedding flowers for you via phone or email if you prefer.


Q: How do I know if you are available for my wedding date?

A: Simply email or give us a call to confirm that we are still available. Dates fill very quickly, particularly September through to March.


Q: How do I make a booking?

A: We require a booking fee to secure the date for you and then final payment is due one month prior to your wedding date. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Cash or Direct Deposit.


Delivery Questions-

Q: How much for flower delivery?

A: Delivery fees are based on the area the flowers are going to.

We will do our best to deliver the flowers but if no one is at home the courier will either leave the flowers in a safe place such as a verandah. If not, we will contact you or the recipient for further delivery instructions. If we are unable to deliver the flowers they will be returned to the store. A redelivery fee may apply.

Q: What time will my flowers be delivered?

A: This will totally depend on what time your ceremony is. We can deliver your flowers arrive before  your photographers arrival. So you can have them prior to your photo and video shoot.


Q: Can I have my flowers delivered earlier than 7am?

A: Yes, we can do that for you for an additional cost of $50.


Q: Can I pick my flowers up from you?

A:Yes You can. And don’t worry about the way to keep flower in fresh.


Q: Can you deliver to more than one address for me?

A: Certainly, we can deliver to as many addresses you need us to. There is an additional cost of $50 for each additional delivery within Sydney Metro.


Q: Do you set up my ceremony and reception flowers for me?

A: Yes, we will organise that all for you. We apply these charges to your quote for you. This includes relocating of ceremony flowers.